Milburn resignation

Milburn quits - comment from APPG on Social Mobility

Justin Madders MP, Shadow Health Minister and Baroness Tyler of Enfield, Co–Chairs of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Social Mobility said today:

“As the Co-Chairs of the APPG on Social Mobility we are saddened to see the board of the Social Mobility Commission has stood down in protest at the lack of progress towards a "fairer Britain".  The commission’s work and their annual state of the nation reports have become required reading for anybody who is serious about attempting to tackle the serious and embedded inequalities in our country.  Sadly it seems the commission feel that the Government’s commitment to their work only extended to reading the reports.

“The APPG also feels that whilst there may be parts of the Government that have a commitment to social mobility, it is not shared across the board with the result that what we see are ad hoc and piecemeal initiatives rather than an overarching strategy that the commission’s reports so clearly call for.  Given the breadth and depth of the challenge they have set out over several years it is clear that they believe greater leadership from Government is needed.

“We will be inviting a member of the Government to talk to the APPG at the earliest opportunity, to explain their overall approach to tackling social immobility and injustice and their plans to create a fairer and more equal society.”


3rd December 2017